Meet Tashia Hargrove, Student Veteran at UNLV

What is your name, major and class standing?
Tashia Hargrove, Business Administration, Sophomore
Tell us a little about your military background.
I was on active duty with the Air Force from August 2008- August 2014. I then transferred to the Nevada Air National Guard. I am still serving as an E-5. My career field is Medical Logistics. I completed one tour to Afghanistan in 2012.
What was the biggest challenge in coming back to school?
My biggest challenge I faced coming back to school was time management. In the military, you had a job to do and even with working 12-14 hr shifts, when you were off duty, that time was your down time. There is no such thing as down time as a college student. You can always read more or study more.
How has UNLV helped with your goal of pursuing your degree?
As a VA Work Study and the  prior President of Rebel Women Vets, the camaraderie of my fellow veterans makes this experience easier to endure. The Office of Veteran Services was a one-stop shop when I moved here last year. Mr. Ross Bryant helped make my transition smoother.
What advice do you have for future UNLV veteran students?
Get involved! The fellowship and networking with other veterans can have a positive impact on your overall experience as a student.

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